Resources for Friends and Family

Tips for Friends and Family of Survivors of Abuse and Sexual Violence

  1. Focus on them, their safety, and your love for them. Vocalize that you believe them.

  2. Tell them that the violence is and was not their fault. Help is available.

  3. Don’t agree to keep the violence a secret when someone’s safety is at stake.

  4. Do not make promises.

  5. Let them know you love them and that their safety is of the utmost importance to you.

  6. Tell the survivor there are ways to stay safe and you can help them get the help that they need. It is important for the person to understand there are options.

  7. Refer them to the Durham Crisis Response Center or another domestic violence agency or sexual assault program in their community.

  8. Learn about domestic and sexual violence so you will understand as much as possible about what they have experienced.

  9. If they are 18 or older, let them know that they are the ones to decide what course of action to take and when. When the he or she is ready, you will be there to help them.

  10. Take care of yourself. You cannot support the survivor without first taking care of your needs. Even though you did not experience the violence yourself, you are still a victim.


Durham Crisis Response Center 24-Hour Crisis Line

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  • Spanish: 919-519-3735

  • All DCRC services are available to friends and family of survivors; we can provide support to you and additional resources and options to give to the survivor


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